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Aftermarket Alloy Wheels in Bayswater

Aftermarket wheels are typically made by independent manufacturers. They are made from aluminium, which can be cheaper, stronger, more durable, and safer than other materials.

Aftermarket wheels come in different styles and can be cheaper than the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) wheels if you ever need to replace them due to damage.

If you want to change your wheels, there are a few things to keep in mind, including buying from reputable wheel retailers such as Tyrepower Bayswater. This will make sure your wheels meet the Australian standards for aftermarket parts (known as Australian Design Rules, or ADRs). In addition, you may want to choose your wheels' size modestly as their weight can affect your car’s handling.

Types of aftermarket alloy wheels

Wheels are an important part of a vehicle’s suspension system. They can be made from various materials, finishes, and manufacturing techniques, including cast, forged, and flow-formed.


For cast alloy wheels, molten metal is made into a mould. After being removed from the mould, it goes through multiple steps for completion. Cast wheels are typically cheaper than other types but may crack more easily in the event of a crash.


Black sporty lightweight forged alloy wheel

Forged alloy wheels are created by applying intense pressure to an alloy billet using hydraulic presses. This manufacturing method creates stronger wheels that are also thinner and lighter.

Compared to cast alloy wheels, forged wheels are more expensive. This is because the creation process is more time-consuming and requires incredibly expensive and large machinery.

Even though these wheels are not cheaper to produce, the result is a very strong wheel. Therefore, forged wheels are more likely to bend and deform than to crack in an accident or collision.

Flow Formed

Flow forming is a manufacturing technique that combines the best of both cast and forged techniques to produce a wheel that is both strong and light, while also being priced somewhere between a cast and fully forged wheel.

Wheels that have been flow-formed start out with a cast disc (or face) and are then set on a heated mandrel, where the barrel is forged-formed between dies to give the wheel the desired shape.

Thus, the inner lip of the wheel, which is typically the part that can be easily damaged the most, is made of forged construction, making it stronger and lighter than a cast inner lip.

Other methods of manufacturing wheels include steel wheels, multi-piece wheels, 3D printed, and carbon fibre/composite wheels.

Why should you upgrade your wheels?

Vehicle manufacturers design and engineer wheel designs to meet each vehicle’s requirements and the load it carries.

Aftermarket wheels are made to attract a diverse range of car owners with different budgets. Their design is subtle and balanced, with conservative weights and sizes.

There are many reasons to upgrade your factory wheels, including the following:

  • Aftermarket wheels enhance the style of your vehicle.
  • A replacement set of aftermarket wheels may be more affordable than a genuine replacement rim in the event of an accident or collision.
  • Lightweight wheels can improve your car’s performance and handling

High-Quality Wheel Brands at Tyrepower Bayswater

At Tyrepower Bayswater, we can supply and fit a large variety of aftermarket wheels, including the following:

Method Wheels

Method 101 Beadlock Machined - Raw

Method wheels are ideal for everyday use. We have a wide range of Method wheels to fit different types of vehicles, such as trucks, vans, SUVs, CUVs, and more.

Method wheels are the result of rigorous testing, engineering, and proven performance. They are available in a variety of styles, so you can find off-road race wheels for trucks, buggies, rock crawlers, short course, rally, and UTVs, as well as street wheels for truck, Jeep, and SUV applications.

Fuel Offroad wheels

Fuel Offroad Assault 1-piece Gloss Black Milled

Full Offroad wheels are one of the most trusted and well-known names in the industry. These wheels come with cutting-edge designs, fitments, and technological advancements.

Fuel Off-Road manufactures some of the most advanced off-road wheels, offering the latest in design and engineering innovations on the market.

Dynamic Steel

Dynamic Steel D Genuine Beadlock Black

Dynamic wheels are stronger, more durable, and easier and cheaper to repair than other types of wheels, which makes them an attractive option for off-roaders.

Their technology ensures that they are balanced better the first time and stay balanced for a longer period of time throughout the life of the wheels.

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