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Affordable tyres on a budget at Tyrepower Bayswater


Bayswater Tyrepower has you covered for cheap and budget tyres from all the biggest brands including Toyo, Kumho, Falken, Maxxis, Vitora, Cooper, Mickey Thompson, BFGoodrich, Pirelli and Michelin.

Buying new tyres can sometimes be off putting especially when it comes to price but, cheap tyres does not always mean low quality. All the tyres here at Tyrepower are of the highest quality and have been imported through the correct channels.

When it comes to the unplanned purchasing of tyres because of an accident or puncture, you might be strapped for cash and looking for a cheap way to get you back on the road is your only option.

The number one reason for purchasing a budget and cheap tyre is price.

Here at Bayswater Tyrepower, we have a great range of affordable tyres from great brands that have all the performance characteristics of a premium tyre rolled into a more affordable package.

Keeping your vehicle roadworthy is important for the safety of your passengers and other motorists using the roads. It’s our service to provide you with the best tyres on any budget.

Budget tyres do come with some limitations in performance and handling and there is a big difference between cheap and expensive tyres.

Consider braking distance, fuel efficiency, cornering and the life span of your tyre can be vastly different between the two. You might be saving money but may end out costing you a lot more in the long run.

Tyre brands put millions of dollars into research and development into new and improved tread designs for their premium tyre ranges but at the same time, the cheaper options pass all the required tests in safety and performance.

Getting value for money at Bayswater Tyrepower

At the end of the day, your tyres are the only thing coming in contact with the road so you want the best possible product keeping you safe in all conditions. Tyrepower has the best range of budget and cheap tyres in Bayswater, Western Australia.

Talk to one of our experienced tyre techs today. Drop into our store at 39 Raymond Ave, Bayswater WA 6053 or call today on (08) 9271 7373. Our staff are knowledgeable on our local area and the correct products for your vehicle.

Put your trust into Tyrepower Bayswater.

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